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What Ever You Are Driving

We All Want To Save Money On Fuel . We all have the same questions


Everyone’s First question What will it save me?

                                             Second  – Does it work?

                                                 Third  – Where can I get some?



What Will I Save?

£20 to save £100

As you will see from the test results everyone is talking about smoother, cleaner running engines, that will last longer and have reduced maintenance costs, whilst this is vitally important and will save you hundreds or thousands of pounds over the long term.

Most new users want to know what it will do for me NOW!

At today’s prices (April 2014) a saving of £100 from £20 worth of Power Pills is not an unreasonable expectation, this only represents an initial 8.8% saving on your present fuel consumption and there are many testimonials of savings in excess of 20%.

Does PowerPill Work?

Black Cab Drivers have got to be the toughest group in the world to convince of anything, especially if it involves their Taxi and spending money.

So if PowerPill was proven to work by, then was recommended by Black Cab Drivers,
would that be good enough for you?

The substantial Taxi Company Dial-a-Cab  took over 12 months and a great deal of effort to fully test and review the PowerPill for the benefit of all its drivers and printed the results in its House Magazine
Call Sign here is the head line.

After one year of testing with hundreds of “Call Sign” readers, at last…


* extracts from the article are reproduced here, with the permission of Dial-a-Cab Ltd

Valve setting in a cab not using PowerPill
          Using PowerPill
Using PowerPill.
The difference is astonishing

“Power Pill really does work – we have tested all kinds of devices which are designed to give better performance, but in our opinion none have ever achieved results as consistently as Power Pill. The cleaning of the engine and fuel system starts immediately and within just a few tanks of fuel, you are driving a much cleaner vehicle, pumping out less emissions and saving money not only on fuel, but hefty servicing bills too. We believe engines using Power Pill should last in excess of 600,000 miles.”
Quote Arthur Bolt (MAG Diesels)

The first DaC driver to have his cab engine examined was Ken ***  whose Metrocab Series I has completed over 290,000 miles. Like all the drivers  involved, Ken has been using Power Pill for over 6 months. On inspection under his bonnet, the findings were quite remarkable as the picture clearly shows. Ken was happy to share the findings…
“I started using Power Pill after reading the articles in Call Sign and immediately started to see improvements in fuel consumption. The pictures produced are quite remarkable.” > see above<

Next up to the plate was Divyesh *** “Not only is the cab running better than ever, I am now delighted that with such a clean engine, my cab should last me as long as I wish to keep it.”

Stephen *** was the third driver to have his cab examined and the results in his TXI were just as impressive…
“I was happy to be involved – As the results show, all parts of my engine, injectors, filters and even oil are much cleaner, while driving is much more of a pleasure since using Power Pill.”
***full names in original article

Ten Comments from Licensed Hackney Carriage Drivers

  • Better Emissions and Fuel Economy.(J B)
  • The Pill definitely works (M.B)
  • I would definitely recommend Power Pill because of the smooth running and the lack of
    visible smoke emissions from the very smoky TXII.” (J.B)
  • My cab definitely runs better since I’ve used Power Pill. (G.C)
  • I am still waiting for the black smoke to reappear – I can’t quite believe it’s gone!” (T.D)
  • I am very pleased with the performance since using Power Pill. I shall continue
    using it and buying it. (R.F)
  • Cab feels sharper and now has far less emissions. On my last two smoke tests, the
    cab has struggled through, but since using PowerPill it fast-passed the test with a 1.45 reading.” (M.H)
  • Lower emissions and better mileage. (B.I)
  • The engine feels much more willing, with less noise and in all aspects performs
    much better. I would recommend Power Pill to anyone because of the results I have
    experienced for myself first hand. It is a good product that delivers what it says,
    which is quite unusual these days.” (K J)
  • Does everything it claims! (D R)
    * Originals with badge numbers available

Licensed Hackney Carriage Drivers have proven PowerPills work and recommended them.
As if that were not enough there is also a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no reason to go another day without trying them for yourself.

    I don’t have a Taxi, can I still buy some?

Of course you can just scroll down and add your order to the cart

we even have a Petrol option that does exactly the same for petrol engines.

Where Can I Get Some?

Right here Right now Just place your order below and you will receive a conformation email with the shipping details. you could even have them by tomorrow.

Or Phone in your order and have a chat at the same time 020 3239 6101

Each box contains 20 Power Pills to condition 700 litres of Petrol or Diesel.
Orders of 3 boxes and over are delivered Free of Charge
1 or 2 boxes plus £1.95 P&P per order.

We are certain that you will recognise the value of using alpha Power Pills but
for your complete piece of mind we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
Simply return the unused pills and the box for a full refund.
*On multi box orders only one may have been opened and used.

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